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About REFUGEE POINT, the home of the the Refugees and Arts Initiative
The Refugees and Arts Initiative was launched in 1999 by the London Arts Council to support and develop the artistic and cultural activity to be found within all of the capital's refugee communities. The activities of the Initiative have grown and developed under the coordination of a Steering Group made up of refugee artists, arts organizations and practitioners, funders and refugee agencies.  In 2004 the Initiative became an independent organization.

Over the last four years we have worked to promote and develop access for refugees and artists to training, employment, resources and creative exhibitions and to develop links with mainstream arts bodies and funders.
Today, our focus is on the key themes of community, wellbeing, social enterprise, ecology, advocacy and money - for the vulnerable and poor. YES, in all of these activities we discovered a refugee point, and we want to make it ! The unemployed, refugees, local people and particularly youth, are now the main target for distress, disperation and dominance. While, actually they are created FREE.
We have a 'Communison system' which enables us to trade, communicate and collaborate better while providing useful services for the community. To avoid DDD... we also put out concerts, displays and competitions, that advocate for human rights, for peace, for values, respect and charity. Our only currency is good deeds.  Imagine!

Our current plans include:

• Clubs of Vision
• SONGs Self-Organised-Networking-Groups
• Celebrate diversity through Exchange Days
• CareerFindPath
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