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Don't let indifference unspeak your dream!
You have a vision for the world ? We want to know it !

We want a world without borders, without poverty and oppression, and without avoidable suffering. It is natural to be so! A world in peace, togetherness, without the politics of greed, domination and untruth.  One creation sharing  kindness, freedom and a vision of Love!!! Peace!!! Truth!!! Compassion!!! Life!!! and Opportunity.
It is human, is it not ?
So, if your mind is able to imagine it... if your heart is able to feel it, and your desire dares to ask for it, then what are you waiting for ?! Apart from being an Observer speaking about Action, are you doing anything? Yes, great! ... why not come then to the
LOVE REVUE Refugee and Arts celebration and speak up about that.

This year 2009, Refugees and Arts Initiative is celebrating 10 years!!!  So, come! Please, you can action your thoughts, your ideals, your inner conciousness and all your five senses and be creative - at the LOVE REVUE party.